Thursday, December 3, 2009

Non-catholics and MOPS

My "strong in her faith" friend called today, turns out she wasn't Catholic. I didn't confess it right away, because I figured, what's the point? She's a person, and she took the time to meet with me, why bring political influence into it anyway?

The fact that she called again, when I didn't bother to put the effort forth to do the same...heavenly. I'm going to get myself into one of those situations I tend to avoid, I'm going to go against my natural inclination and join her MOPS group. She's the leader.

Right away I felt trouble, when I had to explain to her, myself, and my husband...that my three-year-old might not be as willing as the rest to be just inserted into convenient daycare (we're rebellious like that). I mean, I could've lied to my child as most mothers do and told Maddie it would be fun. By age three, they fall for ANYTHING, even the suggestion that it's her job to "just go", way more exciting than Mommy-time and grown-up lunch.

I tend not to lie to my children, or withhold. My experience shows that if you cater to their every need and insecurity, they actually grow up STRONGER, they trust people are telling the truth, or notice it more readily when they actually don't. A life skill I figured they'd enjoy.

So, next week I begin my re-integration into "yes, I'm a grown-up like you" society. Not looking forward to it, but probably beneficial in someway.

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