Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Cooper

Sorry, when I get nervous I start speaking Spanish. That had nothing to do with the prayer, and now look, I'm without a relevant title. Church is going to be a huge part of this luxurious-laptop vacation, and this evening I was prayed over by the first of many zealots.

What stood out in this particular prayer, was the plea for my doctor's salvation. Made me question for a moment my righteous "licensed professionals with ethics" stance. MY curses and generational soul ties need to be healed by the blood of Jesus, and HIS soul must be saved in order for a miracle to advance?

I don't think God would go through all this work for me to face death, and then leave the outcome to depend on my doctor's life choices, be they good or bad. I'd think developing a fear of tunnels from having served in Vietnam, makes him a sensitive person with decent values...AND, he's a skilled genius at practicing medicine.

Plus, is it really such a sin for me to believe that I'll have a better grasp of the whole of life, a keener sharper sense...if I see for myself the extreme opposite of a cooperative and functioning life force? With gratitude to my son for sacrificing his own life, so his determined and ambitious mother can become enlightened through his generous act.

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