Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The future of diabetes

Let's just all pray for a moment that my daughter doesn't have to wake up with a blood sugar of 45 again, for a very long time. Too much insulin, like not enough, will do that to an innocent child abandoned by any community that COULD HAVE done something, but didn't.

Let's pray also, that a mother's guilt, from a diabetic daughter's numbers being often in the 300's, where it really should never be...let's just pray that the cure really IS out there somewhere, waiting patiently in some laboratory for approval.

Let's pray now, that the damage being done to her insides, you know, where the heart and kidneys, and such essential organs can be injured by too much or not enough sugar in the blood...let us pray, to the Lord Jesus Christ...everybody's savior, that a longer life span IS NOT the detriment to flexible systems everywhere we have tended to believe in the past.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Dried apricots dipped in marshmallow fluff

Do you think the diabetics would approve? The rainman of flossing...another good one. So glad I just think of these witticisms off the top of my head. I'm a GENIUS!

Reminds me directly of the hygienist I toyed with just yesterday, oh yes I did. Left her office with TWO STAINS on my teeth, I am coyer than Alice, believe me. She had her microscoptics on, feeling all doctorly...(insert Alice's fantasy of being raped by my hygienist here).

Kept asking me questions that she KNEW I couldn't answer, but then admitted,...yes ADMITTED...that she's totally a dominatrix.

That's why I left.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fantastic, celestial, and boisterous...

My trio of librarians are trying to help me expand my vocabulary, successfully I might add. Can't trust them completely however, as a NEW LIBRARY is looming in the future, sure to cause many many refutable arguments among the ranks of city council.

And, until my husband works less for his health, finds dreams to support HIS talents...and um, understands fully why Catholics (why yes, I heard this from my doctor...A CATHOLIC) don't use IUD's (abortions in disguise). Then, well...

I really WILL become a nun if anything ever happens to him. Because I just might be qualified, I think.