Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The mechanics of medicine

The world's probably made up of nothing more than men and women, and I hadn't even realized it. You know, pluses and minuses, this and that, these and those...basic structure. And, I don't often look beyond that black or white thinking, because it's reliable, serves me well, and all the rest of that gray matter.

Don't get me off topic, I was just getting on a roll there. I won't go all psychology on you, that's just inefficient, instead, I'll just say what I like. I like that men are different than women, in that they put duty before everything else. I mean, children are a duty, and for some I suppose, are pets. But men, somehow see the biggest picture of all, and that keeps them unfrazzled.

Girls are too busy worrying about what people are saying, thinking, and feeling to have the dignity or distance to think like men do. Men, if it weren't for them, women would be blown to smitherings by some idiot invested in all the wrong things, like women and men.

Got that? Well, I refuse to believe you.

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