Tuesday, April 28, 2009

27th post, bigger than the alphabet

Better make this one special, dont'cha think? Okay, nobody take any of this personally, it's only an analogy, but a good one. If it doesn't apply, it doesn't apply, so what hath thee to worry about, ee? Oh, there are my 'e's.

Only thing I hate more than dunk tanks at the local library party every summer. No wait. I LOVE dunk tanks at the local library party every summer. Sure, I'm behind on my thank you notes (never wrote 'em)...but, nothing I love more than promoting childhood reading.

So, worse than that, and this is perfectly cut throat. I hate socialites who are alcoholics, no seriously, the most. I don't drink for that specific reason, because if I ever had to admit to myself that I look forward to nothing more than a good lushfest, well, I'd be embarrassed.

It's bad enough to litter toxic venom all over our local restaurants, stumbling to and fro cars that one shouldn't actually be steering. Could kill someone quite frankly, perhaps one of my own children. And nothing's more unforgivable than that.

You see, I pay attention to these things, myself and not drinking. Because I don't, and you shouldn't either.

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