Monday, May 18, 2009

Character Training

I have a birthmark on the left side of my neck, that is my greatest character strength. It's ugly and shocking, how ugly it is, and its greatest inconvenience is that I can never wear my hair up. This isn't one of those situations where I've never had the money or inclination to remove it, in fact I tried as a child, only permanent removal simply isn't its nature. Not that it couldn't be someday.

But, I've always felt that if I didn't have this birthmark, I don't think I'd be happy with who I turned out to be. It's spent its lifetime keeping me humble, reminding me that it's what's on the inside that counts. Would I have been so sensitive to never forget this had my birthmark not always reminded, nobody's perfect, especially not you? I don't think I would have.

My hair would've been worn up frequently, I'd have flaunted my dad's favorite compliment, "you have such a beautiful neck". He was talking past the birthmark, not trying to justify it, he really has always believed that I have a beautiful neck, slender he calls it.

I like having my birthmark. I like that my birthsister compares us both and calls me "more exotic", but misses the whole entire boat. I could care less what my face looks like, if I'm lucky to have my body after five kids (except for the inherited varicose), it's my birthmark that I've lived with my whole life that suits my character most.

I have a three inch long, ugly shameful mark on a precious part of my body, that most people never realize could hold back a single soul. Well, it's held me back my whole entire life, but in an important and essential way. I'd rather look exactly like my birthmark, than even depend on my cheekbones.

Being judged on the inside lasts forever, beauty is fleeting and sometimes distracting, well, you know how I roll.

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