Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Screw the cure

You know what, maybe we're just better off living with the diabetes afterall. It's easier to be a victim of medicine's need to support the Taliban so they'll have reason to keep training adrenaline-juiced doctors. If all the affairs in the hospital aren't enough to turn you off...ask the nurses, I worked at the coffee cart. I know just the plastic surgeon I speak of.

The freebies even in the cafeteria, the Sister Cities being great excuses for vacations, and the Greenway that nobody gives a shit about but the "healthy" and fake golfers. Have the stem cells, have the cure, I'll keep the needles and all the speckled plastic.

I like what Novolog has done for making Diabetes fashionable, who am I to complain when a free medicine purse in camoflage pink is more important than knowing a fuck about vitamins. What's B-12 have to do with Niacin, and cow's milk with too much chocolate syrup could NEVER cause Diabetes. Our studies show.

Or they don't show what they shouldn't show, you meant to say.

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