Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No, seriously

I'm dealing with it. Like Sarah noticed, we're one week in and already developing a sense of repentance. Oh, haven't you heard? Diabetics never reach acceptance, at least that's my conclusion after all the blog titles I'm seeing.

Yes that's right, life was "free" before diagnosis, happened at "six" some others remember. Go ahead, take a peek in my pantry (it's right there on my sidebar)...either the community's lacking support and strong guidance. Or I'm just left of the curve, time can't empower me anymore.

Oh, I'm not a fool. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner still are my guidelines. But as for the "when I was well" as opposed to heading for drama. Not to belittle, blood vessels take trauma. And don't make me bring up heart attack risk here, I will when I'm ready.

Coin word people, c'mon I know what we're thinking. It's not just a cure we're looking for, no, demanding. We'll keep the nutritious diet, hell yes we'll promote it, just let us be diabetic-free.


  1. What's the story, morning glory? Your child was just diagnosed?

  2. Morning glory, well that's a sunny comment! Yes, just diagnosed, a little over three weeks now. Still, totally learning to adjust to it. You'd never have known!