Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's the shots that suck the most

Obviously. In between measuring out all those snacks, and scheduling our day better, and studying all the interesting things homeschoolers should encourage themselves to know more about anyway. Including vomiting.

No, not getting into the ol' ketoids here, have yet to do my research. But, an eating disorder I heard exists and gets transfered from camp to's called diarexia. The nutritionist told me.

The kids, I guess, they lose weight by raising their blood sugar. Those rebel high schoolers, and our body conscious's time we gave this more attention, don't you agree?


  1. Sucky mcsuck who spams the nytimes columns to get visitors to her shitty 1 post blog lol. sucky.

  2. God bless your soul. When your internetty ettiquette book comes out, call me!

  3. aHHH...a greater blessing than you know. At last, a private place to get my angry feelings out.

    I sure hate it when Smart people don't have an actual profile. You like, waste 14 seconds that could be spent researching nutrition, and find a dead end link. Oh well, everything happens for a reason.

    And I'm so glad you brought up the nytimes, or the NY Times, as I like to call it (extra effort to capitalize, totally worth it!) Because Lisa Belkin, of the Motherlode, is like my all-time favorite blogger. Yes, I said that just pixelmeters away from Dooce.

    LISA BELKIN is my favorite. Sorry Mindy.

    Also, I fully expect nytimes readers to be intelligent (oops, not being consistent, now am I)...not dumb enough to direct people to a blog that has just one post, not naming names.

    But the nerve of her assistants, approving MY comment, with that bummer JUST FOUND OUT MY DAUGHTER HAS DIABETES link love. When they should really be so effiecient as to send ONLY diabetics (and sponsors) and research enthusiasts, to my blog.

    That's right, I said "MY" blog. You can quote me on that.