Saturday, January 2, 2010

More information than anyone needs

Softening and effacing is the theme-o-the-week. How do I know? Well, it ain't from attending last week's doctor's appointment, which I cancelled because I can. Checked my own self in the shower, the initiated understand how and why...and so do the unassisted birthers.

What do I know about bucking the whole entire system for the sake of learning something essential about my rights as a patient, a parent, and a woman in general? I've only done it more times than my sister's "oversight" could bear. Everything I do is to spite that satanic woman, and you can read all about it, on here.

I used to LOVE women, never sexually like Drew, however. Until the betrayal just went on too long, the games never satisfying the self-appointed "in charge"...bossiest bitch on the planet, if you must know. Can't be the boss of my weekends, however, those belong to the calendar. Fault the mathematical leanings of the Mayans.

FYI, contractions can sometimes feel exactly like anger that needs releasing, so there. I just blog for me, everyone knows that, who actually knows me. When I have a laptop at my disposal, uninterrupted, as was evidenced some past weekend...I type alot, and fast.

When I have only the library to ease my thoughts, lift my heartburn, and convince me I'm making a difference, I blog less. It's okay, suits me and my family. If I had unlimited computer usage, I'd have already written every thought that came to mind, thanks to the universe's prompting.

The universe, being mostly comprised of sex-enslaved children who aren't actually enjoying the holidays as much as the multi-billionaires with tourist-y tendencies would have you believe. Energy-redistribution, fairly...theme-o-the-century. I've less time for decades than being mad at my psychotic sister and all the women like her, believe me.

So, I blog. Too much on some weekends, not enough all the rest of the time. See? Well, I'm also a rebel, as is allowed, and in some countries necessary. My head was held so high when my "sister" printed up everything I've ever compiled on-line (not sure how she tracked me)...and sent it lovingly and devotedly...TO MY PARENTS, and siblings!!!

Yes, pure-bred insanity. Maybe, everyone's gotten over their "protect yerself from social services" issues, wa-a-a-y before me. Perhaps, it's the only motivation I actually have in think harder about what my purpose is on earth, and spite-to-the-death what others would tell me.

Who knows. I'm having a baby this week, or next, or sometime after that. And I somehow manage to accomplish IT ALL, raising children, having a healthy marriage, writing my thoughts down at the library and hoping they land SOMEWHERE. But no, I haven't really enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy.

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