Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've lost all my motivation...

but with the help of the gymnastics center, I'll find my Hitler boots still fit just fine. It's funny how wrong a person can be about themselves within the span of an hour. Took only that long to realize that I'm about as anti-social as Tina Fey...yet as willing to terrorize all the innocent moms about me, with the mere act of birthing five children or more.

With a secret one in there I'll never have to admit to, don't even have a single picture.

I don't know exactly what urged me to attend open gym with Madison today, perhaps it was my plans to go that began over two months prior. Yes, I knew it would take me that long to get my ass in gear, because being responsible for the reproductive health choices of all the women in my small town (through storytelling and friends in pastoral places)...takes that long.

I'm so glad to not be a homeschooler. Not being a homeschooler spares you automatic and unfair judgement, it provides a handy level of trust that says "I'm just like you", even when you'd never. And plus, all those teachers in common to defend your good character...afterall it's the fruits that sheep go by, not the evil that lurks in there.

I love evil. At least, now I do. It's going to take a little extra time to get pregnant however, as one cannot keep attending open gym and pretending to be natural friends to everyone once her toddler gets too grown. Being fruitful takes planning.

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