Saturday, January 16, 2010


I figure, I'm standing around here with nothing much to write about...yet thinking. Why CAN'T I compartmentalize some things in my life, writing from my heart takes nothing away from the experiences I have experienced.

Everybody knows it's more than enough to trip over the same word twice in the same sentence, as if EVERYONE does it all the time. They don't. So, I have my Cooper memories, and they are cherished. Doesn't mean I'm moving on so much, as moving forward.

It's just what every New Year needs, a conviction to move forward no matter what. It's all in God's hands anyway, as we've seen over and over again. Like He'd have my nurse be the exact same sign language interpreter from my if my pastor wasn't MEANT TO come in and lure me to Africa to save the world with him.

It's how it happened, not making it up. He supplies the mission trips, I supply the unfailing enthusiasm. Also, the recommendation that he pump up the service a bit, you know? Like, add some moving graphics and video to the Christian Rock hymns up on that there screen.

Other than that, perfect service. I mean, we all know how the devil works, don't we? Takes ANY opportunity to make his way into your life and deceive you? Full-on convinced Ashton Kutcher that being a puer eternal is his best angle...and his manhood DEPENDS on it. So sad.

That's right, look it up Ashton. But this devil lately, well I never. Me, being of the sunnier skin gradation...I see Leno and Conan battling it out up there and I'm thinking, BOXING! Just like I predicted. A little glimpse here and there, just in time, of those BOZOS I've come to know and love, but never get a damn chance in hell of seeing.

And suddenly, I'm sitting in a hospital bed being showered in idiocy!!! I completely missed seeing the devil in the details, so caught up was I. The devil, well, pay attention as if your livelihood depended on it...because it does.

You know how some fools are stupid enough to believe in superstition? Totally against anything suggested by God in the Bible, I know. As unfortunate as thinking good and bad luck must happen in threes, as if fractions never had a chance on earth to give Jen Aniston her own shot at Late Night!

Fractions are REAL, people. Point is...some people have an innate fear of loss that they can't overcome for the life of their souls. Maybe it has something to do with mayonnaise and fences, for all I can make up on the spot, being so creative like God is, er, I am.

But, if someone's worst fears were to come true EVERY TIME, then what reason does God even have for supplying Ashton with the mosquito nets in the first place? Hell if I know. But it's a tangent, and you know how I love those.

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