Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is all about Miley

Quit reading into it. Look how comfy the 'u' fits next to the q, adorable. Doesn't make queenship correct American behavior, however. It's why I've always been a fool for friendship, and a non-hater of Daddy Cyrus. Who needs to start singing more and attracting more fans.

You can never have too many fans when you're a Christian, because of all that free lobster. If lobster doesn't remain free for SOME people, the rest of us will get jacked somehow. Usually how it works.

Take the highway system for example, and all the tax dollars we effortfully pump into it. Okay, it's against our will, somebody else's decision, but STILL. We need our roads, and I said it over a year ago on HuffPo, with regards to something ridiculous the Republicans couldn't stop doing despite everybody's best interest.

And that interest could feed alot of mermaids, you know. Roads, roads, where was I? Ah yes, they're called "drug corridors" where I come from. Gangs actually own them, or they at least prove their currency through violence which is somewhat the same, and more frightening than Drew's mug, I can tell you that for sure.

Oh the initiations we must endure, gang-related or not. Somebody more mature should not only like that the best, that person should know when to call his "ho" a ho.

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