Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm mad about November, and December too.

It's when all the important music comes out, plus my wedding's anniversary, you know, the one I fashioned at Sundance? Back when Robert Redford wasn't so old. Every day he just gets older and older, like some others keep getting fatter and fatter.

You know how it is when the rush of the week caused you to write an unspectacular essay entitled "The Separation of Testicular Integrity and Breadcrumbs," yet you can barely drag yourself to the library to publish it?

Plus, you dared to lose your virginity in it, and knew then too, unpublishable. The following three were equally horrible, recopied on PAPER even, but then, too much to lose. Probably that 'N' word I used twice unabashedly, and then thought exactly twice about.

Oops, for thinking, and typing, then writing. Just be glad you don't have to read it on here.

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