Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back with less vengeance

Let's hope. It's only Sunday, tomorrow could be a whole new day of "don't mess with me" prose. You never know which stage of grief I'll be processing, or how relevant October's news will be, or which morning music videos they'll show. Nevertheless, the battle studies will go on, and on...and on, of course.

Until, um, world peace comes around. Which I'm not depending on, just noticing its progress with regards to my standards, that's all. Go team go.

In more personal news, and less worldly observations, the experts were honest and that's a relief. Inoperable, no surgeon would try to, better case scenario than most available, so. It's quite ironic the Christian perspectives that become obsolete through this very situation.

And the women, doctors, and babies who are abused and silenced by said ignorance, yo! Can't wait to be sane enough to take a bite out of that one ;-).

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