Sunday, March 28, 2010

The U-curve

Statistically, it's a U-curve or actually a BELL curve. So don't go all smart-ass and decide it's a U-turn, which I'd never. If ever I find myself in a U-turn situation, I stand still and DON'T turn. Because USUALLY, the curve will burst open an unnoticable bit, and permit a glitch.

Glitches are where miracles reside, just know this. Being sure and certain both, that my place is more often at either end of the U-curve, instead of safely comforted by middle-way huddling. I need to invent a new shape, that's all it is.

Because the bubble that holds it all...the free-time to study what I can't know intuitively, the respect of my children who'll never band against me, maybe freedom IS a limit. Maybe THAT'S my faulty thinking.

An EARNED place one arrives at, a professional surrender of's your freedom to think, act, and be. Yeah, that must be how it's always worked, just decide not to see, but to be.

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