Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Diabetes Land

You know, I never give NEARLY enough attention to dads of diabetics. I mean, there WAS the dad of the NEWBORN diabetic who sought the original cure. Because well, imagine injecting a newborn with insulin, and testing his little teeny fingertips, and um, balancing that with formula or breast milk.

Great photographer and possibly an architect, I might add (GREAT JOB!!!)

Who else? This gal, at least I'm assuming, diagnosed at age SIX and living with it ever since. If ever a person can LIVE with diabetes, and pretend it's not dying. Oops, did I just say that?

Yes, I did. Oh, a loser investing in WordPress (wouldn't recommend it). Major Bedhead...cute blogname for a diabetic's Mommy, no? And she keeps lists.

Well, filled with information, as diabetics always are, and gives PRIZES. But my favorite is obviously this REGULAR MOM about to give birth through c-section. Feeling guilty about that choice, calls herself "a failure" just like me.

NEXT...and the last.

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  1. I live with diabetes. I'm pretty certain of that fact. :) Once I feel like I'm dying, I'll let you know.