Thursday, March 4, 2010

Minimally Ironic

So, again...this is the OTHER diabetic I spoke of recently. Sure, parents get pretty pissed-off when you publish pictures of their kids online...but I don't think the SCABS would've stood out as much, if I didn't take the chance just this once. And, the racial inequality story would not have hit home nearly as well.

How do I keep this from being long...? Well I guess, I'll just start with my sleepless night at the Sofitel, and my plan to start a NEW blog, under a pseudonym. Yes, that one. Of course, that was precipitated by SHEER TERROR as I imagined my impossible position...which is WHY SHOULD I KEEP BLOGGING, when my KIDS COULD GET KIDNAPPED!!! And killed.

Started sweating then, hence the NEW blog that would save me.

What's this...a birthday party? Why yes, Jessica...three of them LAST MONTH! Sorry, forgot to share all the fun. It was fun though.

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