Monday, July 6, 2009

Two-and-a-half barriers

I'm sure they're supposed to be there, they must be. Otherwise, why would I keep convincing myself over and over that the pretend dialogue I keep answering back to is actually happening. No, it would be a luxury if they were just voices in my head, thanks, I tried that.

They are two actual people who I'll remain sure until eternity that they are who I think they are, that the battles that keep presenting are worthy of fighting, but are they? I don't really know with 100% certainty which is actually how I prefer it.

Because maybe without it, everything would change then. Or perhaps, that last half barrier will do me in, and I'd regret that. Only half a barrier to deal with is confusing enough, so I guess I'll just keep all two-and-a-half in place and maintain sanity.

At least it adds variety, because oneness, well, nobody wants to mess with oneness except saints.

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