Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thinking sideways

May cure diabetes, may not, who am I to assume that. I wouldn't, I just go with the flow that is currently my life, knowing that my energy's pure if I'm focusing on what I currently value, which never seems to be fame, money, or even reputation. Wonder how God preserves me from that. I know, I know (raises diamond bedazzled hand)...

I was still a child when I made my decision, weighed it all out, yes chose it. I scanned the possibilities for my life, all the way up through the potential that superficiality breeds, and consciously unchose it. You see, I knew. You can't have both, can't sell your soul and then receive all the natural gifts that are bestowed upon common citizens.

Sad, but true or I wouldn't have wished it. Was a quick and reasonable insight, based all on facts. Or at least, what I had previously witnessed, no that couldn't have been it. At the time I wouldn't have known Steve Martin and Chevy Chase were cokeheads, or that I'd have the freedom to slander them in my blog because it's nothing more than an average citizen's OPINION. Wouldn't be true then.

I just thought it all through to the point that... That everything else glittery and glamoury would certainly interfere with the values of average citizens, simply not worth it. Can't even bridge friendship. Two different worlds, we and fame whores with no consciences. Just the opinion of a better-than-average citizen (legal, and upgraded status my own then). Got that? I mean it. Ahem.

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