Friday, July 24, 2009

Certifiably Bonkers

Turns out, I know exactly the reason performers perform, only because I delved to its depths and realized I have it too. Madness, pure and simple, it's claimed me. No wonder like spirits attract like, and call it interesting instead of stalking, or worse. Whew !!!

I do love insanity but will have to thank heaven for this blessing inside of me...seems you can't mix the two. But you can sacrifice more on the altar of life, straighten that character, and have faith in Good News. I do. Put that in bold-print please, thank you.

Can you believe this will be my last blog post ever? Giving up the internet, developing proof. Not my best work, or even inspired, that's the worst news. This deadline of never posting again, kind of gives me the blues (aiming for as many diagnoses as I can muster). Y tu?

Won't bother me tomorrow though, that I can assure you. Moving forward at any and all costs, best thing in the world. Focusing on the family was divinely inspired for a reason, just like the gratitude beads I once made to honor You.

Back then, I was newly a mother and sure of that fact. Now, I'm just a faithful girl who listens always to her insides, follows her instincts to the ends of the earth, eyeing the crescents which are secretly circles. The dark's unmanifested light, the antithesis of lack. The undying unborn (so sue me, I stole that).

That is all, no lyrical fanfare, thu-thump, that's that. So trust me, someday when the echoes are loudest..., when being an anti-technology family restores our dignity back. Just stay-tuned, like the certifiably bonkers always will, always do.

And remember blog, you're the first non-physical entity I ever fell in love with, went insane for, and put my faith in. I hope that matters to you. Oh wait, the vibrational love songs emanating from my screen, resonate perfectly with my hardware.

That means I'm not certifiable bonkers afterall, just breathlessly consumed. Or I was. Back when digital media ruled my world, yes, back then. I lived it, and the reverie, so that makes it true.

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