Friday, April 23, 2010

So much for the cabin

Husbands working too hard for their own good, trying to cover EVERY base, wouldn't want the responsibility if I were paid for it. Being flexible, and looking forward to a Sunday with church, keeps our family in top-working order.

I've been juggling this beat for more than ten years. Good at it, too. All my days are spent with a three-year-old buddy making strides in her confidence. She trails me around, asks for eggs at every meal (which I make in the microwave), my dynamite girl.

Nothing like knowing I have three little knockouts who are fully-creative entities, worth the entire send into the world. Three Sisters I say to myself with great pride. Two brothers, still getting to know that dynamic, but they'll thrive.

Believe in your best life is the ONLY mantra I have. So balance, COME BACK!

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