Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still Saturday

Don't know why I don't want to leave the library. Probably the chaos at home. It's nobody's fault that my healthy, thriving family is being healthy and thriving in contrast. It's the part that gets me stuck. Like, so many years invested in lifting children up, to their highest, most secure, happiest child selves.

And what am I, an elitist? No room in my life for the discordant? That's what I mean about the perfect order to things, the getting used to life with shots, and accepting the many realms of possibility. Living in unique worlds is not only something I've mastered, it's probably the most important key. Or, it should be.

Moving forward without that light, that just stays there, and sets me free. Knowing that I get to carry on with that insight, the all day long distraction that always supports me. A wonderous world of delightful opportunities. And I'll pass that on to my young one, with prayers that it doesn't pass on before me.

Gotta look at both sides eventually, why not let it hit all the way home. Perfectly fits my philosophy.

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