Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Turns out schooling is 100% centered on taking care of diabetic children. Oh sure, there are only two students in the whole complex association of underpaid professionals, who have diabetes. Was that comma supposed to go there? Did it separate the good from the evil momentarily, so you could think straight? Dear reader, please know I mean you.

Eventually, it will seem true, and then you can thank the comma, dear reader. The comma will someday replace the exclamation point (which doesn't defend its own turf like it's supposed to). Imagine that for weirdness in realtime, the criminal-ized exclamation point, totally usurped by the comma, what will become of sentences now.

How I miss thinking out of unfair boxes for my reasons, the joy shall return, it will,...

Crap!!! The comma simply cannot exist without three dots to make it possible, those rules. I can't offend them, I can only respect what our nature defends and no wonder,

Yes, this would never work. Feel familiar? Couldn't possibly replace exclamation points with commas, nope never. Forever that will be true until it no longer pleases the king. Of England you ridiculous, hopelessly forgiven rule-breaking fools!

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