Friday, August 7, 2009

No cure yet, and you?

Spent all day yesterday in defiant conviction, could diabetes feel this? The cure was in there for most of my waking hours, limitations and boundaries all set, right? Stem cells would never, ever and insulin would get this. Never, ever right?

Even if the diabetic's heart was literally lifted from her own body and transferred against its own will to the cure's destination. Which I hadn't known was possible until conviction held, but couldn't win. That was a suicide scene at the end, as a result of being taken advantage of, cures have standards they must adhere to, or else.

Or else death. What could cures and death possibly have in common anyway...just free-associatin' here. Well, the cure would only produce logic and joy, and of course patience. For there would be many lined up for the cure, many lost souls among us, you know. The cure needs to have that worth. It does.

The cure needs to be lived or it will never happen, just how the integrity of energy and cures work. Hey, I don't want to take the medicine anymore than a diabetic wants to be sick. But alignment of principles into collective agreement of what's right, what's best...that's what I'm referring to.

Just imagining as I write all this, either hearing it from a higher power or just makin unnecessary shit up. I tend to do that, all part of my dishonest character right, it's realness, know me through and through, or don't. Cure.

Death, well, it's a choice AND a last resort. Not mine, obviously, too much to live for. Would never, ever put myself in a situation, consciously anyway, free will intact...where I'd have to give up to get. Or sacrifice for anything other than God's will for my life. Which is on the fast-track, lemme tell you (finally found a decent church).

Pray for the cure everyone who believes in miracles and stuff. Start now, maybe devote the next week to it, and I will too. It might work, the insight that's needed may fall from the sky. I gave technology MWF, perhaps out of decency I'll get seven days back.

God did it, why can't we. I mean I

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