Monday, June 22, 2009

Abandoning the ridiculous

What?!! I LOVE the ridiculous, with my whole entire character, but the same heart is patient. It has to be, or the ridiculousness will take over my brain, and my soul eventually, and then I'm nothing but a basket case with nothing on earth to ground me.

I need earth more than I need ridiculousness, believe me! Earth, it's what sustains me. It's my home planet, and the last time I took oxygen and tried to convert it into nitrogen...well, besides being impossible, I was just glad in the end to be able to breathe again.

Incessantly ridiculous writing only got worse, but it was a fair trade off. I'm not really going to abandon the ridiculous, but my reasoning is beyond unfairly ridiculous, it has only to do with flexible face muscles, nothing more. I know, pathetic.

I just...I can't die without knowing what it's like to interact with that mask, to see what parts are genuine, and which parts are there for entertainment. I need to know it all, to study it more closely. It's the only reason left that I don't abandon ridiculousness altogether.

I'm not expecting to touch the mask, only look straight into it and see if it answers back. It might, it might not. A risk I'm willing to take, but besides Earth, it's all that I care about these days. Breathing, and wanting to know that mask.

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